Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Dog Ate my Homework or The Power Went Out

Yes, I need an excuse as to why there was nothing on yesterday. Maybe I should change my schedule and put blogging in earlier in the day. Power went out for about 3hours last evening so we just went to bed. It's not easy reading by candlelight and impossible to post a blog.

So today I have a few more random thoughts......

My question for those who will vote for Obama because of charisma or skin color: knowing that any liberal abortion legislation will pass, how many babies are you willing to forfeit for having a "cool" president or one of color?

Has anyone done the arithmetic on using all the money being "wasted" in Iraq and which should be spent domestically? Now, factor in how much he needs to spend to accomplish his goals in Afghanistan.

Where are the details????? The Obama need for change includes education, socialized health care, energy, and those are his top three. What about his tax cuts? The redistribution of wealth from the top 5% who pay the high tax rate to the 40% who pay nothing at all and will in effect receive a stipend or subsidy makes one wonder who is really going to end up paying the cost of all the other programs it takes to run a socialist state. During the primary, before all the totals were in, it was estimated that the Obama programs would cost over $750 million and if the rich were taxed at a high rate it would cover about $250 million of it. So where would you think the remainder would come from?

For a good many years the Democrats have talked the talk to blacks and women, but they aren't treated any differently ie., walking the walk. Promises, Promises. I suppose it is a matter of pride not to have to admit that you were wrong so you keep hoping that they will finally keep a promise. Visualize this: shaking my head in disbelief.

In talking with a friend this morning we decided that some young people who haven't started families as yet and have always been on the taking end of a relationship are the ones who can continue to be idealistic with no reservations. But those who have married and/or have children have come to realize that there is something much more than self-gratification at stake here. This group truly has put themselves in the position of sacrificing anything from a new pair of shoes to their very lives for the betterment of another person. (There is another group of givers who somehow have learned early on that they might be called on to sacrifice for someone else. These are the young people who have signed up for the military, law enforcement and public protection such as firefighters. God bless them all.)

We have a little over 7 weeks to separate the wheat from the chaff what with all the "stuff" being thrown at us over the radio, TV, YouTube, plus all our internet sources and distill it down to the basics and help anyone else we can to make the most important decision of our lives thus far. I know it's difficult, but please just go for the facts and their effects on our country's future. Emotions can be ugly or beautiful, uplifting or depressing, but we all need to try to exercise our intellect as well as our sympathy.

See ya tomorrow

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