Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Running out of Daylight

This post is for Michigan readers and is actually just a teaser since I don't have the answers but plan to do some research in the next couple of days about:

The tax on services!!!

I know I would never make a good witness since unless there is a good reason given me in advance I am not a detail person. It should come as no surprise then that I just noticed the state tax on my Consumer's bill this week. Wow! No one wrote about this one. Now I'm wondering just how much money it raises since if industrial and commercial businesses also pay the full tax, it must be astronomical! And guess what--as might be expected it is a pass through to the customer. Duh!

Will let you know what I find out or if you happen to have some insight into this tax or the service tax in general, we'd appreciate hearing about it.

See you tomorrow

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The Wolverine said...

wake up folks, companies in this country don't pay taxes, consumers do. As soon as we wake up and realize that, there might be some second thoughts on taxing corporations.

As long as we are on corporate taxes, how uneducated is it to want to impose a wind fall profits tax on the oil companies? Let's review, we want them to produce more oil which requires drilling in more and more inaccessible areas (cuz the good simple sites are off limits - can we say close off shore or ANWAR, but I digress). This requires more money, money of course that the liberals would rather take from the oil companies as a tax, which means there would be less left to drill. Am I the only one who sees a disconnect here?