Friday, May 21, 2010

Well, Aren't We the Lucky Ones? We have Levin, Stabenow and Schauer!

It is disturbing to say the least to know that no matter what opinion we might have, it will make no difference to our representatives. The time honored tradition of informing our Senators and Congressman of our opinions is worthless when you know going in that it will go in one ear and out the other.

It is particularly distressing in the case of the immigration issue to know that our representatives are aware that 76% of their constituents disagree with them, but it just doesn't make a darn bit of difference to them.

Today I called all three and suggested, loudly, that since Mr. Morton publicly announces that there's a good chance he won't help out the locals in Arizona that he shouldn't be paid if he's not going to do his job. I "suggested" that if people in Michigan were being killed by illegals it would be nice if we could depend on our Senators and Schauer, but given their proclivity to walk lockstep with Obama that I didn't feel very safe about it.

I had called the Governor's office in Arizona with the offer to be the first person to make a donation if they were to start a fund to send illegals to DC, LA, San Francisco, Minneapolis or any other sanctuary city. She politely declined the offer which also was very frustrating.

I just can't understand why Obama didn't just issue an injunction or call for a quick over view or whatever they call the fast track at the Supreme Court and get a ruling. Right now it's just him and his followers disrespecting law enforcement in Arizona and telling everyone this is a racist bill and they WILL break discrimination law. This is all politics and dirty is maybe too nice a word.

When I was at the 1996 convention in San Diego we were shown lots of publications giving directions to illegals so they could vote. It was disgusting. This whole thing is disgusting. How can any parent teach their children right from wrong when the Democrats and both Catholic and Protestant clergy are encouraging breaking the law by both the illegals and those who take them in.

God bless.........

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Bruce said...

I agree! But let's send them to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave! Let them out of the cuffs so that they could take jobs in D.C. Obama, Levin, Stabenow and Schauer care only about driving as many Americans into unemployment, dispair and dependence on Democrat government! They don't care about creating jobs for Americans making things in America for a price that Americans and people around the world can afford to pay!