Sunday, May 30, 2010

AARP Raising Head Again-

Isn't it strange that AARP, with the exception of fawning over and supporting the Obamacare bill, first signing on and then denying that action and then signing on again, is now advertising all over the place for new members?

Could it possibly be that they lost a boatload of members when they signed on to one of the most hated bills to ever come across the news wires? The ads have pie in the sky type promises like 'AARP is helping us take trips' and who knows what all. When individuals or companies talk out of both sides of their mouths it is bound to affect their reputations negatively. Good luck with that? No way.

Another little blurb is this week's column by Kathleen Parker where speaking with forked tongue is frowned upon. Ms. Parker was talking about her Marine brother and other close relatives who served in the military who never found it necessary to speak of their heroic deeds to those who might not understand the whole scene. Sort of "you had to be there" events. (Just as my dad didn't talk about the POW experiences of 45 months after capture on Wake Island.)

Ms. Parker's focal point was Attorney General of Connecticut Blumenthal who "made mistakes" when referring to his service in Vietnam, when in fact he didn't leave the States. I think I heard him take "total responsibility." What does that mean? What does anyone mean when they say "I take responsibility?" I've never seen evidence of anything other than mouthing the words.

Anyway, she ended her essay with:

"Real heroes never brag and real Marines don't lie." And may I add "You can take it to the bank."
God bless.........

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