Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Stuff

SEIU gets police escort to harass one of the employees of the financial institution they have a problem with----1:00 pm Tuesday. It was announced this morning that the D.C. police only followed the group of 500 protesters to the Montgomery County Line. The Montgomery County law enforcement, contrary to local laws, did nothing to enforce the laws against trespass, etc.
SEIU pledges to give somewhere in the neighborhood of $88 million to the Dems to be used during the mid term elections-
SEIU is looking for $165 billion to back up their pension funds-
SEIU had petitioned the government to waive the same kind of backing for their pension funds required of private business and industry-
SEIU wants Democrats to pass legislation to put everyone's individual 401K funds into public pension programs-
Teacher's unions need $23 billion in emergency funds so they can keep their jobs-

Need I say more?

We really do need a lot of prayer to educate the public on the dangers facing our country; there are some problems that can only be solved by prayer-
God bless.........

ps-If you haven't signed a petition exempting Michigan from the Health Care bill, call the office and someone will bring one to you 783-2697

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