Monday, May 10, 2010

There are LIES and OBFUSCATIONS - take your pick

The Labor Dept. announced the cost of living increases as .7% excluding food and gas. Well, duh, wonder why---

Probably because food went up 2.4% and gas 2.1% which makes for about 25% on a yearly basis. That is quite a jump and who doesn't use food? And who doesn't depend on gas for either their own transportation or the cost of having just about anything else they buy get trucked in and delivered?

Lie of Obfuscation?

On another subject, a friend sent me this note:

"The United States has an agreement with South Korea to maintain 28,500 troops in South Korea indefinitely to guard the border with North Korea. That's 28,500 troops with guns, and airplanes, and rockets, and hand grenades, etc. So I hope you can understand why it baffles me why we can't send a few troops to protect our southern border with Mexico."

I would just add: Why can't we just pay a portion of putting the South Koreans on their own border? Isn't it just about time some of these people quit their total dependency? Just as we wrote about Japan a few weeks back.

No lie, just a lot of foreign policy obfuscation.

Called Mark Schauer's office today to get his own words in answer to the question: Do we keep a constant 50% in the IMF (joke) or are we going to have to borrow the ever changing amount of Billions of Dollars for the Greek bailout?

Wanna bet on whether we get a Lie or Obfuscation?

Makes one wonder if anyone in Washington knows how to say "yes" or "no" without trying to have it both ways..... With Bennett of Utah down, how many more surprises are in the offing? This is getting interesting.

Nice day today, more rain tomorrow-
God bless..........

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