Friday, May 7, 2010

New Job Numbers and Immigration

There was good news on the employment front today in that there were increases in private sector jobs.

We have a problem, however, that is not going to go away which is stretching into the foreseeable future for men, in particular, who do not have education which can take them off the production line and other jobs not requiring a college education.

At present 6 out of 25 men age 24-56 are unemployed and the projections for five years from now with employment figures improving in all areas will show that there will still be 5 out of 25 men in that category who will be unemployed. I am very afraid that good paying construction jobs and skilled production jobs among others of that nature will be emphasizing the illegal immigration problem.

I keep hearing "solutions" to the illegal immigration problem that are similar to those I used to talk about 2-3 years ago in all but one way. Most folks are agreed that it is logistically impossible to send 12 million people back, but they don't have the answer to how to identify and send them to the back of the line after they have paid back taxes, fines and learn English. If one presses hard enough they all admit that not all will turn themselves in.

I believe the answer lies in having all employers identify illegal immigrants working for them, work out plans to pay fines, etc. and go from there. The next step, however, is to actually put out a reward (call it a bounty if you will or perhaps incentive is more acceptable) to anyone who turns in a friend, neighbor or relative who has not voluntarily signed on to the program. At that point the employer will also pay a fine. If they are not working, they should sign up on a voluntary basis.

After that, if they are "found out" they will be summarily shipped back to their home country. The appropriate fines will fund the program so there should not be any extra bureaucratic costs to move through the new system.

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