Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Never, Never Underestimate Your Opposition-

What is with all these people who like to think that November is going to be "take back" time? Through all the years of political contests I can tell you that over confidence is the worst thing in the world to the voter.

Any time they think you have it in the bag there is the tendency to stay home for a certain segment of the population. They believe it! You can't take anything for granted--we absolutely must convince folks that their vote is the most important one in the entire district and we need to offer rides and do everything we can to GET OUT THE VOTE!

One thing has been troubling me lately. What is Rick Snyder up to when he pays short shrift to an ad demonstrating the spending proclivity of Cong. Hoekstra and referring to him as a really nice guy? Yes, I know it's a way to jab at Mike Cox, but the subliminal message appears to be that he is just an inch away from endorsing Hoekstra himself. Why would he spend all the money he has on a pretty darn good campaign just to toss it away?

The other side of that coin would be that since everyone else in the race has a political background and so little is known about Hoekstra that folks might be making a choice between Snyder and Hoekstra. Ad here he is playing nice with him.
I don't get it.

If you love hot weather, be thankful-
If not, just wait a bit-
God bless...............

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