Thursday, May 27, 2010

Couple of Quick Observations-

1-The lack of police protection for the 14 year old boy at home alone when 500 SEIU thugs gathered on the front lawn of the Asst. Attorney of Bank America in Montgomery County Maryland was blamed on: The DC cops said they called the Maryland law enforcement people before they left to tell them what was going on.

They claim they didn't receive such a call. That they couldn't make an arrest for trespass or anything else because they didn't actually see the event or any activity which would warrant police action. They said there was no violence and the crowd was peaceful. (How could they know that if they didn't see all those people?)

My point is this: Those of us who live in small town America and have heard stories about corrupt cops in seeing this played out don't need much more proof that the big city cops serve and protect the union brotherhood at the expense of the public.

Certainly most law enforcement officers are really great public servants, but it only takes a few to make the public suspicious when faced with facts like these.

2-When we were talking about the SEIU's efforts to maintain Democrat majorities for the purpose of absorbing private 401K plans into government pension programs I'm thinking I omitted a little advice from an old timer. Looking around at the young people at a meeting this evening it occurred to me that you should be made aware of the importance of a Roth IRA vs a 401K. If you can swing it at all, try to save enough extra to pay the taxes on the 401K now, making it a Roth which you then own in its entirety.

I don't know all the laws, rules, regulations, but it would be a good idea for you to research the plans and protect yourselves. One of my kids is close to retirement and she already has some Roth investments and is going to turn the other over. If the SEIU prevails, she expects to retire immediately and take her pension in a lump sum and protect herself any way she can. Please look into this for your own protection.

Look forward-
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