Saturday, May 29, 2010

Finger Pointing

I have no clue how long it took to dig that well that is now spewing forth oil resulting in a full blown catastrophe. But the reason I'm wondering is that during his press conference the other day the President said that of course this is George Bush's fault and that it's a wonder we don't have more problems since early on in the administration Salazar reported that the permit system was way too short to do a thorough job.

He went on to say that we should mever allow this to happen again and from this point forward the permit process will be much lengthier to be sure every potential problem is covered.

So, my question is: Since Salazar recognized the problem early on, perhaps a year ago, why wasn't there a moratorium initiated at that time so there would be no problems from that time on? And secondarily, why wasn't there a systematic inspection initiated to do a double check inspection both on site and on the paperwork necessary for the permitting process to be sure all t's and i's were crossed and dotted?

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