Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bailing Out Greece?

So it's not enough we have to look at our kids and grandkids paying off our debts, we are responsible for a share of paying off the Greek's splurges?

And speaking of the Greeks, their debt turns out to be 125% of their Gross Domestic Product. Do you realize that ours is climbing and is presently at 94% of our GDP?

The last budget of George W was based on $11 to Obama's $15. That just about knocks your sox off, at least it did mine. Funny how the percentages of the expenditures seem to stay about the same with interest around 10%, defense about 16% and discretionary spending at 19% with the remainder of about 50% on so-called entitlements.

In our case, however, looking at the actual numbers is scary. That spending ratio from Bush's last year to Obama's first year is nearly a full third higher plus Obama is including the carbon tax which is anything but a sure thing. If it does not pass or passes in any kind of lesser numbers, we will have to add the shortfall to the debt.

That has to be the most irresponsible approach to each and every one of the citizens of this country and its future. Does this remind anyone of the famous gigolo and the line "Trust me?"

Don't be fooled, folks. This administration is perpetrating a con the likes of which we have never seen before.

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