Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goodbye Sunkist and Other Tidbits-

1-Grocery shoppers unite! Going to have to start looking at the fruits and veggies in order to be sure we don't buy anything grown in California. Gotta help those law-abiding citizens of Arizona fight back. Florida's Disney world is as good or better than Disneyland also.

2-Wonder why Pelosi thought she had to make a big deal out of the USCCB helping the illegal immigrants (many follow in Cardinal Mahony's footsteps already) when she already has them in her pocket for health care no matter the abortion allowance.

3-Wonder if Governor Arnold really had an invitation to speak in Arizona or was he just making a joke at their expense. Dirty pool.

4-Seems we heard AG Holder on the Sunday talk shows spouting off about how he plans to sue Arizona and their new unconstitutional law. Guess what. Today he admitted that he still hasn't read the bill! Good grief.

5-Called Mark Schauer's office last Friday and asked whether there was a constant balance with the IMF or would we have to borrow for the Greek bailout. Called again Tuesday only to be told that they don't do that kind of work locally. Called the D.C. office and they gave me a website that ineffective. Couldn't get on. Big help.

6-Called Levin's office and left a voice mail for Jeremy asking him the same question on Tuesday afternoon. Haven't heard as yet.

When my husband got home for dinner he mentioned that he heard on the radio that we had to borrow $64 billion for that little obligation.

7-Does it seem like political timing in that Schauer is now on a crusade to boycott Chinese goods? He's been in office for a heckuva long time. Did he just notice how much comes from China?

Is this the season that reminds us that the more things change the more they stay the same?

Hang in there-
God bless......

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