Monday, May 3, 2010

Crisis du jour?

Remember when Rahm Emanuel said Obama "should never let a crisis go to waste?"

Talk about an over abundance. Talk about tripping over a room full of choices. Talk about trying to keep up with the flow.

Tell me, have you ever witnessed so many protests nationwide than we have had this year? In January we had the Right to Life protests which shocked the heck out of the President of NARAL. When she exited the subway she was heard to say "I've never seen so many young people in my life" or words to that effect. Seems the women aren't growing their ranks in the same way as those concerned with the life issue. Wonder if Obama thinks this might be a crisis in his youth support.

There were protests all over the country while awaiting the TEA Party Express many of which were duplicated on April 15 when people realized that the promises not to raise taxes on those making less than $250,000 became another in the list of lies.

Now we have the protests, also nationwide, both for and against immigration reform in Arizona. And Obama who made a promise during the campaign has nothing to show for it. The 700 mile fence in Arizona plus doubling of the security patrols were a product of the Bush administration. Think he will react to that issue or will he just hope it will cool down.

It took several days to decide the oil spill was really serious and his cabinet seemed to be caught flat footed. There seemed to be a casualness in the attitudes of the whole bunch until they had to react to public opinion. Platitudes of BP making it right just doesn't seem to cut it. They apparently didn't even know there was some equipment available that should have been implemented earlier.

After he passed his health care bill he decided the outcry over how it was going to be paid for was getting louder so he called together a Finance Commission. Another too little too late action? He hasn't admitted that he has already broken the tax promise--wonder how he'll get around their recommendations.....

All those Senators trying to find out what happened with Goldman Sachs and CDOs, but won't try to talk about or fix the Fannie and Freddie problems starring Chris Dodd and Barney Frank. (Not to forget old Potty Mouth Levin--we Michiganders can be so proud.)

He even made a joke at the Correspondents' Dinner about his falling poll numbers.

Hey, Rahm! How many more crises do you need? How about solving just one or even a couple? We're waiting.

More to come--
God bless.........

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