Sunday, May 2, 2010

Obama Has Alzheimers?`

Isn't the predominant symptom the fact that you can remember things from long ago but can't remember recent events?

How about Exhibit 1 which took place yesterday of the U of M when he said that the name calling has to stop before the violence takes over. Now I ask you--who is the biggest name caller you know? Perhaps Obama? Perhaps he doesn't remember what he has said in the recent past?

Things like greedy, criminal behavior, the use of sarcasm, ridicule and laughter as he says he is amused by the activities of those with whom he disagrees, calling anyone who doesn't agree with him racist. You can undoubtedly make up a list of your own.

It's really sad to see the cover up taking place regarding his so-called promises which have been broken and how he is attempting to reinterpret his comments. What a guy.

Nothing was really gained by his coming to Ann Arbor. Certainly he didn't say anything that would have changed the minds of the few Conservatives on campus and of course all the liberals already are in line, so what was the point? He could have mailed or phoned it in.

The second and third hours of that series mentioned last week on America by the History Channel is moving very fast with very little detail tonight. Can't figure out what the hurry is.

If you live in an area where there is a school election Tuesday, be sure you vote.

Have a good week--
God bless.........

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