Monday, May 17, 2010

"ROADSIDE CROSSES" by Jeffery Deaver

Just finished another book by one of my favorite authors. Does great research. This one was woven around the Gamers who sometimes live parallel lives on the computer. I won't even try to tell you about it only that it drives home the point that there are some really quick thinking, really smart kids out there. But it isn't just kids. Labeling some of the games as addictions is not a stretch and it is apparently not all that hard to slip into the universe of the games they play.
From teenagers to thirty-somethings they look like ordinary people.

Which made me start thinking today when we heard that a Senior State Department employee went to great pains to equate the potential racism in Arizona with the despicable human rights violations to be found in China. So now the Chinese think that we don't think their bad behavior is any worse than the liberal view on picking up illegals. Visualize this: me shaking my head back and forth and not being able to comprehend that kind of mentality.

The mind then drifts to Eric Holder's lack of common sense. Makes me wonder how some of these people got through college. We have a President who doesn't do too well without a teleprompter and who goes on a world wide apology tour. Certainly not many Washingtonians understand much about economics.

Not making any accusations, but one wonders how many people in the government were customers of the online essay sales store, or the specific professor's "sample" test, or having a sub take a test, or any of the truly sophisticated ways to cheat these days. No wonder they have no problem handing over their union dues and just going along to get along.

If you see a health care petition floating around, please sign it. If you'd like to get some blanks so you can get signatures, just give me a call.

Surely summer will be here soon?
God bless............

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