Sunday, May 23, 2010

America The Story of Us

This series started on the History Chanel a few weeks ago and tonight started with the bank failures the last couple of months of 1930 and ended with the dropping of the Atomic bomb in August of 1945.

When watching or even reading that part of our history after being reminded of the earlier years with the very first people to come ashore is a real eye opener. We take so much of this for granted, but when it is brought front and center it makes one stop short. Why? Because our forefathers went through absolute hell in so many ways but stuck it out and we are the recipients of the greatest gift any generation ever gave another.

The stark contrast of the people who fought and died for the freedoms on which we place so little value and the lives we live should make us ashamed. There are still young men and women who are laying their lives on the line to keep violence away from our shores.

The other contrast comes from the men and women who are hell bent on changing everything we hold dear. The last two hours of the series will be next weekend. I thought they said Memorial Day, which would be next Monday, but it's always been on Sunday, so we should double check with the TV guide.

God bless us--
and God bless America..........

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