Thursday, May 20, 2010


Can't help wondering if McCain will become the next old guy to bite the dust in this climate of "Beat the Incumbents." Not that McCain has changed parties, but he does appear to be changing his positions and if I'd known I was going to write about this a month ago, I would have counted the number of pleas for help in the form of money for his campaign.

Maybe McCain has delusions of grandeur, but it sounds like he has forgotten that he had a tough primary and he was second choice for a whole lot of people. Certainly those of us who were not with him from the beginning would not be expected to support his candidacy at this time especially when he has an attractive opponent.

I really don't know in detail the positions of J.D. Hayworth, but I have witnessed the bouncing around of McCain's positions from the national to the state contest. I had the pleasure of meeting JD a few years ago when in Washington for a conference and was impressed with his maturity even though he was younger at the time. He appears to have lost some weight since he was built like one enormous football player.

Bottom line, it would be my expectation that McCain would whine just like Specter should he lose.

The only other thing that happened today was that Calderone (you remember, the guy who is meeting with Castro, Chavez and the Ecuadorean dictator) came to dinner and insulted the country, specifically Arizona, and the Democrats gave him a standing ovation. And, of course, our President not only let him get away with it, he agreed with him. Shouldn't the entire country feel betrayed by our President dissing us in front of the whole world? That man never fails to try my Christianity, let alone my patience.

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