Saturday, May 15, 2010

Commander in Chief or Commander of Scold?

I don't know about the rest of you, but one of my pet peeves is having someone half my age indulge in telling me how wrong I am in numerous ways. If you are one of the "fortunate?" few who listened to the President as a part of your Commencement ceremony only to have him stand there and scold the world for not agreeing with him I'm thinking that's not the most inspirational speech you've ever heard. Week after week we have heard clips of rant after rant.

Like he doesn't know how to use all those little techie machines with apps and such. Duh--which President was it who hid his Blackberry from the Secret Service the first few days of his term? Sure can't blame that one on Bush. Unbelievable, both literally and figuratively.

If he were a woman wouldn't he be called a shrew? or a fishwife? And the original buck passer criticizing TransOcean, BP and Halliburton for pointing fingers at each other. Bet there's enough blame to go around.....

Did you hear about the Tea Party group who are sitting around this weekend reading the health care bill to see how long it really takes to read the whole thing? They figure they can hold all the legislators' feet to the fire who have said they read it completely before the vote. Results at 11?

Since this has been a really busy day and caught less than an hour of news and read only the local paper and one section of the WSJ not much pops up. Finished a book after finishing shampooing some carpet, attended church and had supper brought in.
Looking forward to Sunday--it's a robe day.

Have a good one yourselves--
God bless...........

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