Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Democrats, Stabenow & Imported Drugs

Back in the year 2000 the Democrats developed a campaign scheme that was supremely successful. In all of the border states the Dems, in particular the Senate candidates, used the same playbook and chartered buses to take senior citizens across to Canada or Mexico to buy cheap drugs.

For the most part the Republican position was that drugs from other countries or re-imported drugs were not dependable because our FDA had no control over the quality and distribution. (Blogs were not in vogue at the time, but I did have a website which was posted on a weekly basis and was connected to the State Party website as well. It was during the time I was 5th Vice Chair responsible for senior issues. I warned against the campaign tactic at that time, but not enough people listened)

Because Michigan has three border crossings that I know of, it was easy to make a big splash and it was a large part of the reason that Spence Abraham was a one term Senator. Why am I telling you this?

Because the WSJ published a column today describing the counterfeit and diluted drug market existing in India. 10% seems to be the accepted number for the percentage of fake drugs not including those that are exported to Latin America, Asia and a couple of other places.

Counterfeit drugs are just that--Capsules filled with plaster dust, etc. or pills compounded with look alike materials while liquid medicines are diluted which means the profit is up and the effectiveness is down. This has no doubt been going on for a number of years throughout the world and is now growing to the point where it is becoming serious enough to talk about.

This is just what we feared in years past, it just took a bit longer to develop to a point where Joe and Mary Mainstreet would be more readily affected. So this is just a heads up. The Dems are still using getting foreign drugs as a cost savings measure and we need to be sure that we get to our Congressional representatives in order to stifle any law which would allow for ease in crossing our borders.

Temperatures are on the rise--
God bless..........

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