Friday, December 18, 2009

Three Kinds of People

I was reminded today of a philosophy class in which we discussed "types."

This is an over-simplification, of course, because there are varying degrees in each grouping, but it holds true as a basis for discussion.

The first kind of people are those who discuss other people. This can encompass the gossips, those who ooh and ah over celebrities positively or those who are looking for derogatory information. This group can talk about neighbors or co-workers over the picket fence or the water cooler. A certain psychology determines whether they lift up or pull down.

The second group are those who talk about events--taking sides or making life decisions based on information about the stock market, socio-economic influences in their own or others' lives, or want to be on the right side of the powerful.

The third group are those who talk about ideas. These are the men and women who are concerned less with their own status in life as they are about making the world a better place. These people know they have been endowed by their Creator with the ability to tinker in a garage or over a microscope or any other tool they need to advance fields of knowledge. They care not whether they have more than one car, one house, or accumulations of any sort. If monetary rewards come their way, so be it.

Why not take a minute and put some of the movers and shakers of our own country and the world where they fall in these categories. Where do you put the leaders of the world? Where do you put those hanging out in Copenhagen this weekend? Where do you put the people you read about or hear about in Jackson County or the State of Michigan?

This exercise should help you figure out who you should support in the upcoming elections and particularly, those to avoid.

Have a good weekend-
God bless............

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