Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mackinac Center Blog and Capitol Confidential

The Mackinac Center Blog is absolutely a success in a few short months with hits in the hundreds of thousands and used by media and politicians alike. The research is highly respected and dependable and has gained a national audience. I'm going to leave it to you to check them out--

We will still point out tidbits from the Capitol Confidential, however, with news such as IT'S NO DARN WONDER MICHIGAN CAN'T BALANCE A BUDGET WITH BILLS LIKE:

SB 552 subsidizing gas stations that increase ethanol sales; SB 777 which subsidizes a renewable power conversion manufacturer; SB 418 subsidizing energy businesses; HB 4126 subsidizing selected auto industry suppliers for job retention; and HB 4515 subsidizing electric cars. Doesn't there come a point where subsidies are counter productive? Why do the taxpayers have to make up the difference when perhaps it's just not good business in the first place?

And it's just a thought, but if GM is going to pay back their loan next year and the government will profit from it, how about a little marketing for the guys who really got hurt in this fiasco? Seems to me if GM wants to get back their customers who would rather not deal with Government Motors their Marketing Department might try a little bribery of their own and give a little credit to stockholders who, depending on when they turned in their stock, may have gotten a nickel on the dollar or other varying amounts including zero?

And tell me, please, why Nancy Pelosi should go jetting off to Copenhagen at our expense? She has no legitimate reason to be there other than to see and be seen. When many folks are depending on others to help their kids get a visit from Santa you would think that at least she might pretend to be concerned.

I'm sure the folks who peek at this blog are those who have been helping by their charitable giving and we thank you for it.

God bless.........


Bruce said...

Thank you letters? to the BIG SPENDERS IN WASHINGTON, D.C. from us (U.S.)! Fill in the blanks with your Congressman, Senator and The President and send them the following?

Gifts From The Big Spenders In
Washington, D.C. To You
This Merry Season! 12/2009
Congressman ___________Senator ___________ Senator ________ Pres. _________
+-$100,000,000,000,000.00 Unfunded Social Security and other Unfunded Future
/+-300,000,000 Americans Federal Liabilities
= +-$333,333.33 Plus interest owed by each American to cover Unfunded Social Security and other Future Liabilities of the Federal Government!

+-$14,000,000,000,000.00 National Debt
/+- 300,000,000 Americans
=+- $46,666.66 Plus interest owed by each American to cover the National Debt we (no you!!!) owe to who really knows for certain!

+- $1,500,000,000,000.00 Healthcare Takeover
/+- 300,000,000 Americans
= +- $5,000.00 Or more will be due from you when we get this government Healthcare Takeover we are trying to stick you with done!

+- $1,500,000,000,000.00 Cap And Trade Tax
/+- 300,000,000 Americans
= +- $5,000.00 Or more will be due each year by you when we get this Cap And Tax Energy Bill done for (to) you!

Do keep in mind that we got it figured out so that YOU won’t have to pay all this back? We got your kids and grandkids and their kids and grandkids on the hook for this too!
Ain’t it GREAT!
Merry Season To You! Remember, you must keep working hard so that we can spend more of your and your kids HARD-EARNED $$$$$$$!

Sincerely Signed,
Big Spending Congressmen, Senators, and The President of the United States!
P.S. Remember, we in Washington are doing all this for your own good!

Response From us,(U.S.): You Big Spending Congressmen, Senators and The President! We didn’t ask for our kids, grandkids and their kids and grandkids to be $390,000.00 in debt FROM BIRTH, ARE YOU KIDDING?! Now, you straighten this out or resign due to your incompetence or greed, or we'll do everything in our power to get you kicked out of there!

Signed, ________________
Address ________________

Lola Peterson said...


I consider us, the taxpayers, the givers of the world.

The politicians are nothing but takers.

Your point is absolutely on the mark and well taken