Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Football All Day Long!

Bo went to the groomer's today so now looks better than either of the humans in the household. Not to worry--we'll clean up before we go to church tomorrow.

Since I'm old school and do not travel with a laptop I had to clean up 300+ emails. What a chore!

This is really just an exercise this evening since the only thing going on in this house today is football and more football. I expect tomorrow, the next day and the day after that will be full of it as well. Oh, well, this too shall pass.

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas story. It's the kind of thing that gives us hope for the future of our country. Recognizing our blessings, being thankful for them and sharing is a universal activity--at least I'm trusting that is so. It may take some of the electorate a little longer in some areas than others, but hope that all will culminate by next November.

There was a comment last week about Republicans not standing up for their platform and in some cases that is true. But handing over the election to the Democrats is not the way, in my opinion, to rectify the situation. If you want to have influence on the party activities may I suggest that the best way would be to run for precinct delegate and get active. Working for the candidate of your choice is a great way to assure his or her adherence to the principles of the party platform.

Precinct delegates do have influence in the party and in particular this year they are the ones in Michigan, at least, who will elect the nominees for Secretary of State and Attorney General. You can't get much more grass roots than that. The date for filing will be in May and you can get an application to put your name on the ballot from your local clerk. The application should be filled out, notarized and returned in a timely fashion. You can get that information when you visit the clerk's office.

Don't stay out too late tonight, watch out for the tipsy drivers, and
God bless........

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