Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is it Two Steps Forward, One Back or the other way around?

I had hoped to give you a description of the "best Christmas ever," but a little exhaustion after a twelve hour drive home and catching a cold made me think I should wait until I can do it justice. Will try tomorrow.

In the meantime, during those twelve hours all we heard on the radio was the latest report on the Christmas terrorist attack and the fact that Homeland Security said everything went according to plan. Really? Then the Prez came on and said it was only a potential problem and his Attorney General said it wasn't a terrorist action, but a criminal act something like drunk driving or some serious misdemeanor. You gotta be kidding.

It just seems that there is no way to make any progress and some days it goes more slowly than others.

Close Gitmo, open a Federal prison in the northern climes. Wonder how those guys will react to winter? In fact, how will they react to humidity? Do you suppose the ACLU will get us for inhumane treatment of inmates?

No way can we send some of those guys "home" when "home" is a training camp for more terrorists.

And can we get folks to quit complaining about a three day delay in the President's response to an attack that went bad at Detroit Metro? We should be glad it didn't take the time it did when he was deciding whether or not and how many troops to send to Afghanistan.

Did anyone know there is a section in the handbook on "How to Counter Terrorist Attacks" which specifies that there must be at least two civilians willing to go on the offensive in case of a dud bomb? I'm thinking they should ask for volunteers as folks check in these days.

We'll put on a happy face and share our Christmas story tomorrow. I hope and truly think you will enjoy it.

God bless.......


Wedge said...

Did I hear right that there are 90 Yemen terrorists at Gitmo and that we have been sending some of them back to Yemen?
Has Obama gotten around to use the word terrorism?

Anonymous said...

Wedge, not only that but two of this terrorists trainers had been released from Gitmo to the Saudis. The Saudis have some kind of "rehab for terrorists" program in Saudi Arabia. Napolitano should resign. More Porkulus money should be diverted to TSA hardware. The gate person in Amsterdam who let him through without a passport should be waterboarded. We need to throw a huge "Thank You!" party for the "Flying Dutchman" who save 270 and more on the ground.