Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How Westerners Look At and Win Wars

Victor Hanson, Fellow at Hillsdale, Stanford, professor at CSU Fresno, and on and on is featured in this month's Imprimis from Hillsdale College. The entire piece can be accessed at hillsdale.edu/imprimus and well worth your time.

After a quick and dirty description of historical Western ways of war he lists five traditional checks that are intensified today.

1-The Western tendency to limit the ferocity through rules and regulations.

2-There is no "monolithic" West, only a conglomeration.

3-Parisitism which is a nice way to say the theft of ideas.

4-The ever present anti-war movement from our freedom of dissent.

5-"Symmetry" defining the differences between the soldiers/fighters. Example: compare the young college or even West Point grad against a young kid who doesn't value life in the same way and is poorer than the poorest citizen of our country.

Trust me, you'll learn more in 5-10 minutes than a semester course anywhere else.

From the sublime to the ridiculous:

I called Levin's office to ask politely why Section 3209 would be amended from allowing people to add their own money on top of Medicare to get a better plan to not being able to do so with Secretary of Health and Human Services having unlimited discretion to refuse to allow such plans. (This was in section 1175 of the House bill as well.)

I called the Lansing office--no answer.
I called the Detroit office and have never, and I mean never, been treated so rudely in my life. This kid wouldn't let me get the question out of my mouth. He kept saying I was reading a bill that wasn't in effect-words to that effect. I kept saying "please let me speak" and he just started the tirade over and over again until I just hung up. I couldn't get in a word.
I called the Washington office--no answer.
I called the Escanaba office and the lady said she would get the answer from Washington and let me know.

And this guy supposedly works for us.
Try to keep your spirits up--
God bless.........

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