Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tea Party Makeup

It occurs to me that no one really knows what percentage of the Tea Party group are Republicans so the pollsters shouldn't be looking at divisive actions between them and the Republicans in November 2010.

It should be obvious that both Republicans and Tea Party members have the same goals. We both want to work to destroy the factions that are trying to destroy our country. If that means tossing out a few RINOs, so be it. We simply cannot have the likes of New York's 23rd district repeated anywhere else in the country. Hopefully that was representative of a very small minority.

For that reason I ask of all who are committed to either the Republican Party or the Tea Party to work together to elect patriotic Americans who want to see our country survive and prosper long into the future. It doesn't take a seasoned politician to realize that if we don't work together, we hand everything back to or over to the Democrats and liberals.

God bless..........


Bruce said...

Something like, "If we don't hang together we will hang separately!" We needed to get rid of the Arlen Spectors, Collins' and Snows years ago but they are still there compromising our prosperity, health and freedoms one vote at a time.

Freemom said...

When Repubican candidates support the party platfom (at least - as the platform was during the last election) I wil wholeheartedly support Republicans..unfortunately - many of them turn their backs on those values. My first loyalty will be to my core values.