Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Paddling in the Pool

The only real exercise I get is the "better than sitting on the couch" kind involved in paddling around the pool hoping it's true that the extra effort of moving through water does require a bit of work and reaps a little more benefit as well.

The neat thing is that you can be constantly moving and still are able to talk to the person next to you in the class about all kinds of things. Discussions involving books, politics, education, etc., etc.

This morning a friend who is a retired teacher shared insights into attending teacher's union conventions and when I got home and checked the newspaper found that the MEA is in a bit of a pickle. They're in the red by about $124 million but say it's a not to worry situation. It has only to do with interest rates dropping and they are still able to support the pension fund. Really?

Apparently there aren't any other unions in the Midwest having the same kind of problem and there should be more to this story. Makes me wonder if three of their executives pulling down over a quarter of a million dollars each could have any impact on the bottom line. Just under half of the 343 employees are taking home six figure incomes. We're told the raises came after a 4 year freeze due to the lower interest rates and subsequent effect on the pension fund.

Circular reasoning, anyone? We need to watch this.

I'm about a third of the way through proofing "the book" so may make a December print after all.

Sleep well--
God bless...........

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