Friday, December 11, 2009

Blackmail, Anyone? or Why do Democrats Hate the Military?

What would you call it when the bill to approve the military budget is being held hostage to an amendment raising the National Debt Limit?

Democrat politicians have the freedoms to undermine any part of this country or the components which make it great. The tyranny of the minority calling themselves atheists has the support of the liberal elements in our government.

Democrat politicians have the freedoms to subvert the goals of true educators at the behest of the NEA and AFT who care only for political power and certainly not the children who suffer at their hands.

And where are the Democrat politicians when it comes to reacting to 5 men who have traveled to Pakistan to try to find a terrorist cell to join? If they won't let the military or law enforcement do their jobs without criticism, how are they going to protect themselves (not asking them to think of anyone but themselves) from known terrorists? Let's assume that if they are protected, the people around them will also be protected. Haven't heard a word from Schumer on this one and it's his territory that gets terrorists the biggest bang for the buck. Duck, Chuck!

Have you read your energy bill lately? Mine looks like about 25% of it is comprised of surcharges, delivery costs, etc., etc. Buck passing? How about telling us who ends up with all that money in their pockets? The state? The Feds? Themselves? Some bureau or commission? Who? I thought November was fairly mild until that bill arrived.

Cuddle up and stay warm--
God bless...........

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