Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Evidence on Chinese Takeover Plans/U. S. Complicity

What is it going to take to convince folks that there really is a conspiracy leading to the takeover of the United States and the rest of the world by the Chinese?

This includes the complicity or at least little or no reluctance on the part of the U. S. Government and its leadership plus the Democrat party led by the liberals who wouldn't mind seeing us on the list of Socialist countries of the world.

In less than a year of the Obama administration they are raising spending to the point that the national debt limit needs to be raised to a figure leaning against $2 trillion. Even they are unsure they can get away with doing it in one fell swoop so they are going to go incremental as is their habit when faced with major efforts. So they are using a figure in the billions for a short term fix. They know that won't scare the public quite as much.

And what is the evidence of the end result including China? Since that is where they expect to borrow the funds, let me show you where we now stand in the world market of World Casting Production. (As you look at these figures, consider that the UAW which unilaterally supports Obama and the Dems can lose GM and Chrysler any time China thinks they need or want automobile component capacity in this country. I have a feeling this might come as a bit of a surprise to union members?)

If anyone wants specifics on Gray iron, Ductile iron, Malleable iron, Steel, Copper base, Aluminum or Nonferrous materials you need only ask. We will deal with Total Metric Tons.

First off I just rounded up and added the major players of the world.

China - 33,500,000

U. S. - 10,784,000

Others - 33,000,000'

How does that grab Ya? And you know how American auto workers moan and groan over jobs going to Mexico? Their total is 1,800,000 which is a drop in the bucket when compared to that group of "Others" which includes Mexico, India, Japan, Brazil, Germany and Russia.

And which country has their president going to Copenhagen Thursday to give away $10 billion or so (per year) to help the rest of the world with so-called global warming projects? The third world countries outnumber us, I'm not sure how the votes will be tabulated, and want the UN to control the "program" while we want the IMF or at least some agency which has not as yet been proved to be corrupt. Who do you think will win that one?

I'm scared, folks. Not for me--I'm too old to live long enough to truly suffer at the hands of Obama. But I truly fear for you readers, my kids and grandkids and you and your grandkids.

How in the heck are we going to force some sense into Levin, Stabenow, Schauer, Conyers, Dingell and all the other guys we pay the big bucks to represent us? They sure as heck are doing a lousy job of it right now.

I'm sorry to toss this at you just before Christmas, but the Modern Casting Magazine from the American Foundry Society decided we should receive this information this month.

Let's pray for guidance--
God bless............

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