Friday, December 4, 2009

Right Michigan - Guy Thing?

I probably missed the posting that introduced the new writers who are taking Nick's place and perhaps that's the reason I just don't get it sometimes.

That bit about the squirrel seemed a little like what, with four boys in the house, I used to call 7th grade humor. The grosser the better and whoever could make Mom react was the winner for the day. Did anyone react to that? Undoubtedly all guys.

I've noticed several connections to the Mackinac Center over time, but again, what interests you guys isn't the same as what I bring up from time to time.

I could be wrong but I'm wondering if there isn't a distinct difference in the way the women look at a subject as opposed to men. Especially if that woman is heading into her 8th decade.

A friend has asked for reactions to the Washington Post's observations on the status of the Republican party. I'm going to wait a couple of days to see if the difference is as apparent as I expect it will be.

I'm watching--
God bless..........

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