Saturday, December 5, 2009

Republicans: United and Divided

Today provided evidence of both in that attendance was required at both a Republican County Executive Committee meeting and a Republican State Party Committee meeting. Many times there is lively discussion as well as disagreement in coming to common ground. And sometimes it takes a rather long time and patience to deal with them.

Michigan Party chair, Ron Weiser, probably put the definition to rest comparing the members of the party to the members of a family. Family unity plus sibling rivalry with all of the ups and downs encompassing family life being a great example of the party.

The other "expert" I would draw on would be when Ronald Reagan said that if we agree on 90% of the issues, we should be working together. The only problem I would see with that would be with the totally single issue voter and there's no arguing with them--and we have them on both sides of the aisle so they probably cancel each other out.

Somehow common sense has to prevail but knowing that some of the issues involve an emotional response means we have to demonstrate how we have the answers to both. Without getting too far off base we need to remember that God endowed each of us with unique talents and intelligence and that coupled with the environment in which we live certainly makes diversity of opinion a basic position at odds with each other.

As has been said "Democracy is not a spectator sport" and we need to realize that it is not easy either. It takes much time and discernment to study a question and not depend on snap judgments in making decisions as to candidates or issues.

This is a cop out, isn't it? The poll referred to in Larry's Facebook question wasn't exactly 50-50, but it certainly wasn't that far apart. All I can say is that we all have our work cut out for ourselves in the next 12 months. It seems that every year we find ourselves saying that "this is the most important election in our lifetimes."

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