Sunday, December 6, 2009

Monarchy: A Change We Can Believe In?

It's probably pretty hard to find a Mom who didn't tell her kids that if they can't find something good to say about someone they shouldn't say anything at all....
By the same token if Mom were completely honest she should have added that if they know something dangerous about someone they are honor bound to warn other people about it.

Some of us see things in the current administration that could be dangerous not only to us as individuals, but as a nation.

This President has admitted how much he enjoys Air Force I--right from the "gitgo" as they say, it appeared to be one of his favorite things. Great perk! Not many folks have those kinds of service from their servants. How many private individuals have bodyguards ready to take a bullet for them?

Are these the kinds of perks what makes our President feel like royalty? To make people wait for anyone time after time is the mark of a power player showing how important he/she is. (Remember that old saw about being nice to folks on the way up because you will probably be meeting them on the way down?)

Example of making people wait: the cadets at West Point had to wait 3 hours to be sure things were secure for the president. You've got to be kidding! What about the Social Secretary who didn't spend the time necessary to check guest lists as they used to in that horrible Bush White House? That Security was thought to be better than West Point????

And why do we see him constantly touching people? Has he no respect for their personal space? Or does he think they should be honored that he would deign to touch them?

The President and all his Czars is very reminiscent of the old European court days when the Emperors and Kings had their nobility around at their beck and call for their entertainment and service. This is worrisome.

Busy times coming this month--
God bless...........

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