Thursday, December 3, 2009

Job Providers Not Included?

First off, why does it take so long for the President to act? How long does it take him to recognize a problem? And how many people does he have to ask for advice or wait for them to tell him what to do? This is getting tiresome.

We first heard that the Afghanistan War was legitimate. Then we let it simmer for awhile. Then he named his own General. Then he received advice or a request for additional troops. Then he "deliberated" for 3 months. Then he goes to West Point to give another speech even though the White House had leaked the substance before he arrived. Then he telegraphed the end game so the terrorists can plan their strategy based on the information. We can only assume that he has the speech laying the blame on someone else in the can already.

We've been in a recession ever since he took office. He named a whole bunch of Czars to figure out what to do. They keep the TARP fund at less than a $trillion. And now months later they still haven't used any more than about 20% of the stimulus monies. The jobs "created or saved" so far are unionized government jobs which may or may not be permanent. Other jobs have been found to be in nonexistent districts or more than exist in any given sector and although it's been in the news, no comment has come from the White House.

Finally he decides to have a Job Summit. The participants are generally think tank types or union members. He gives a speech which includes a remark indicating that he will listen to any "demonstrably" workable idea. And how do you demonstrate something before it has been tried? And are these ideas to come from the types invited to the summit who have never offered anyone a job in their lives? Newt Gingrich has been having Regional Summits with job providers. Will Obama take the credit if Newt is successful? Of course.

And don't get started on health care. He drops the idea into the conversation, tells Congress to work on it and waits, and waits, and waits and tells everyone to hurry up. That nothing else can be finished until health care is taken care of. Great excuse!

And before I forget: The post a few days ago concerning employees of pre-school facilities becoming public service employees if anyone who receives public assistance pays with public funds has been one-upped by the Feds. They are planning
to unionize all health care employees. It work like this: ALL EMPLOYEES WHO PROVIDE HOME CARE MUST AGREE TO BE RECLASSIFIED AS FEDERAL EMPLOYEES, IN ORDER TO BECOME ELIGIBLE FOR FEDERAL REIMBURSEMENTS, WITH COMPULSORY UNION MEMBERSHIP AND DUES ATTACHED. This to be established under the Department of Health and Human Services in exchange for allowing "Private" providers access to federal reimbursements.

So there you have it. Business as usual. Life in the Obama Slow Lane.

God bless........
We need all the help we can get.

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