Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nuggets Found in Relaxing Reading

Anyone who reads what are usually dubbed "legal thrillers" for fun and relaxation are sometimes treated to bits of philosophy which I consider found pieces of profundity. Now and then there are weeks when the schedule allows the reading of 3-4books, but usually one is the norm and sometimes even that one will take several sittings.

Like one today:

The lawyer is usually over worked mostly by choice and no matter in what line of work anyone can be found, the description is the same: workaholic. Today's fellow, from an old 1995 story, is watching his nephew who is a product of the proverbial broken home:

"As I watch him disappear up the escalator, I want to spit at the self-indulgence of my generation. My guilt as a father simmering deep inside, vapors of shame. We are a society that sheds spouses and takes on new lovers faster than a rajah can work through his harem. We dissolve entire families on a whimsy of lust. We pursue bald ambition as if it were the true religion, leaving our children to come home to empty houses, to fix their own meals, to cope with the crippling insecurities of adolescence, while we engage in an endless chase after the grail of possessions. And we have the audacity to wonder who killed the innocence of childhood."

And how does this affect the whole of our communities and ultimately, the country? When it permeates the world, we know the result is reflected in global politics.

How true--
What to do--
God bless.........

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