Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No Matter How You Feel About Moving Gitmo Prisoners to the Mainland

Doesn't it just get you a little bit that Illinois got the prison that Standish wanted, worked for and had done all the ground breaking effort toward? Wonder how the unions in this state will justify voting for a President and all his cohorts who have done nothing but shaft Michigan since he was elected.....

And he wears Jennifer like arm candy to make it look like he cares about our state. Oh, well--

Maybe we can figure out how to work with the Tea Party folks to make just a little justice prevail in Michigan again. Perhaps the kind of lies such as Justice Taylor sleeping will get a little closer scrutiny the next time around.

Cap and Trade=Cap and Tax. What to do.

Has anyone done the math to figure out how many trees it takes to offset the carbon dioxide each person generates just by breathing? And if we drink milk, how much will the tax be to offset the cows breathing plus the tractor exhaust when growing the crops which the cows eat? Plus what are the costs of pasteurization, transportation from the farm to the creamery and the supermarket plus driving there to buy it? Can farmers and individuals plant enough trees to be free of a tax? Would renting trees be cheaper than paying tax?

All these nagging little questions have me wondering just exactly where and how the statistics are generated. We discussed the carbon footprint some months ago and I took their word for it. Now I want to find out exactly how Gore and his friends intend to control our lives using Global Warming/Climate Change as an excuse.

However, I do believe there should be some way to figure out historically how much or how many "footprints" were generated before man and industry were a part of the equation. Any tax should be predicated on a fairly high baseline attributed to nature. I don't think it would be fair to make us pay for something for which we're not responsible. Right?

Let's make that a New Year's project. Right now I'm planning to enjoy the rest of Advent, Christmas and the holidays.

I wish you the same.
God bless..........

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