Sunday, December 13, 2009

There's Tiger Woods and Then There's Brad Flory--

No matter where you live, you know who Tiger is. I am so tired of hearing of him with everyone singing the same song. You can nearly always count on me to think of something different. On this subject I'm thinking that perhaps it takes the guy who has the most to lose to teach all the youngsters and some not so young folks who are just starting out to learn a lesson from this fiasco.

All the other celebrities from Kobe Bryant to OJ to Brady it seems folks are used to it and just shrug their shoulders. However, with the business empire Tiger has built perhaps people will realize that he is causing suffering to so many more people than any of the others. His foundation and all that stands for along with all the employees working as a result of his activities will suffer. Let's start setting him up as an example to listen and learn.

The other side of this I am seeing has to do with both a private and a public personality that so many people carry around. Has it occurred to anyone else that Tiger has been actually committing suicide of his public persona slowly but surely all these years along with living his private life? Just a thought.

And then there's Brad Flory. If you live in Jackson you don't have to say "Who's that?" If not, let me introduce you. Here's a guy in middle America who goes about doing his job day after day and all he really wants to do is keep that job. Along the way he gives pleasure to people who enjoy his work. He cares about different segments of the population from the elderly who have worked without recognition for a lifetime to the less fortunate who can benefit from Brad's Lunch Bunch. He supports local businesses even though it takes more effort, but sets a good example. And on top of that we smile when we read his column.

Just a thought: I'll bet his parents are proud. And unlike Tiger Woods, no one has to figure out whether or not he is a good example. He is.

Did you light your third Advent candle tonight?
God bless...........

ps-Brad's wife is a real good sport...


Anonymous said...


Thanks. When I recently wrote about my good-sport wife getting mixed up about our anniversary date, someone sent me an anonymous e-mail that said, "You are a fool. There must be a lot of eye-rolling at your house." Truer words were never spoken.

Brad Flory said...

Whoops, I was not supposed to be anonymous.
Brad Flory