Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wonder What Rahm Emanuel Will Do With This Crisis?????

There are so many points that can be made, but you have all heard as many as I have. The rest is just a guessing game.

Will the White House learn from the Clinton years in order to be re-elected and move to the center just a bit?

Or will the inherent arrogance and need for a legacy make for just pushing health care through and who cares gets hurt?

Or will there be enough Congressmen or women who have enough character to stand up to their leadership?

There are so many scenarios we could spend all night at this, so I'd just like to say that the reading from the book of Samuel this morning where Samuel is led to choose David as the king designated by the Lord has some striking parallels to the contest in Massachusetts. It was almost prophetic.

So we'll just wait and see and watch our futures unfold. One thing: get ready for the campaigns of your lives. It will be an exciting year.

And for long time readers, you just know this post would not be complete without mentioning "that" word: schadenfreude, said with prayerful thanks, not the glee of a hostile foe.

God bless.............

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Anonymous said...

Republicans are in favor of change according to Karl Rove, political analyst.
Bring down the cost of health care by:
1. Tort reform.
2. Tax savings to spend on health care.
3. Small businesses pooling their risk so that they can provide better health care.
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