Monday, January 18, 2010

Massachusetts Election

Massachusetts is the only thing I can think about for the next 24 hours. I can't remember when there has been such national interest in another state's contest nor can I think of one that might have such an influence on the rest of the country.

I find it very interesting that the Tea Party is using some of the funds they have collected to make it obvious that they are supporting the Republican candidate. Are they trying to take credit for the candidacy and hopefully the victory? If Mr. Scott loses by a whisker I wonder if they will think their money may have been spent more wisely?

Actually, even if he loses, a razor thin victory by the Democrats ought to scare the heck out of a lot of people who might vote for the health care bill. The only problem is that if he wins, there probably won't be any vote. Nancy will pass it through without a vote and Obama will sign it. Scary stuff in Washington, right?

I have a one track mind right now so we'll call it a day and see if we know the results by this time Tuesday evening.

Hang in there-
God bless......

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Anonymous said...

Ed Gillespie, a former counselor to Bush, said Obama would be wise to get over the Bush years.

"He ran as a post partisan figure, he's turned out to be a very partisan figure and he's turned out to continue being a political candidate too often rather than a president who accepts responsibility and stands up and says 'Here are the problems, I'm going to fix 'em'," Gillespie said. "He continues to play a blame game."