Wednesday, January 27, 2010

President Declares War on Senior Citizens

When the President said he had given tax breaks to 95% of the working Americans we looked at each other and voiced "that excludes seniors, right?" That's about a third of the population. Add in that group of perpetually unemployed and it makes one wonder exactly who got a tax cut and in what way--oh, yeah, more money for day care. Maybe he's already counting the forgiveness of student loans......

The President had an hour and 15 minutes to make his case and I know you aren't going to sit and read more than a couple of minutes. So we'll just toss out a couple of observations tonight and then add one or two for the next few days.

Now just how much chance do you give his energy promises? More nulear power, more off shore oil and gas drilling and more clean coal plants (remember, when campaigning he said "there is no such thing as clean coal",) and biofuel movement. The special interests who elected him will have a hissy fit and the liberal Dems in Congress are not going to go for it. Don't be fooled. Especially when I think I heard that part of the cost would be to accept global warming as a just cause so you'd better support and pay for "our share" in green power.

And a Trade commission? Doubling our exports by starting a trade war isn't going to get the job done. We've already discussed some potential problems such as a tariff on steel met with a boycott of our grains. And that would be just the beginning.

He said something about equal pay for equal time. Not sure of the exact word he used but it certainly wasn't equal pay for equal work.

Out of Iraq by August? Let's see now. Gitmo was to be closed in a year. That mght be done by August which would mean it took 19 months instead of 12. My guess on Iraq would then make it approx 50% longer so they just might make it home for Christmas.

That deficit of trust in Washington starts at the top. Did you notice he didn't use the word "transparency" once? And if he didn't believe he could fix all those problems he has been talking about, why did he promise he would on the campaign trail?

Michelle is really going to be busy. First she has to figure out how to put all the overweight kids on a diet and then she has to work for the military. Those 23 or more people on her payroll might come closer to earning their high paying salaries. And since she had never had a reason to be proud of our country until the Democrats nominated her husband for President, will her heart really be in helping the military? I hope he is finished with his apology tours. That might make it a little easier for her.

That's enough for this time-
And as the Governor of Virginia said in his speech, God bless this great country of ours.

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Anonymous said...

Obama says he is going to fight. Exactly whom is he fighting -- the people of New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts who went against his candidates?