Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Okinawa and China--Hole Digging Time?

I guess no one tells there kids that they could start digging a hole if they want to go to China any more, do they? That just popped into my head. Old age at work again.

I hate when I demonstrate my stupidity, but I'm going to take a flying leap here. Why do we still have a need for an Air Force base on Okinawa? And why would we go to the expense of putting another one just a little farther away from the more populated area on the same small island? And why are we still interested in helping Japan defend their country?

We certainly don't have to be afraid of them building up armed forces to be used against us or anyone else. A lot has changed in the last 75 years. They still don't have any natural resources, their manufacturing base is maturing just like ours is, their banking system and economy have been stagnant for a good 20 years now so where's the threat?

Is Japan afraid of China? If not, they probably should be, but I doubt we could do much about it even if China decided they want or need something that Japan has. You all know I've admitted to being a lousy diplomat but there comes a time when we should be calling someone's bluff. Why not now?

And speaking of China, how about Google taking them on? They have flaunted their piracy of copyright and patent laws and have forced Google to censor certain materials particularly anything that has to do with freedom fighters, but they want to be able to trace all websites so they can identify them. Wow! That's having your cake and eating it too.

All I can say is "Go Google!"

God bless........

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