Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who Was Barak Scolding?

It felt like he was trying to make all of the audience feel guilty about something. Does he really think it was a systemic failure? No way--it's like the old days with the computer: Garbage In, Garbage Out. So if the system fails, it's because humans control it. Or is that too simple?

And he finally said that the buck stops with him or words to that effect. Yet, he didn't give any concrete apology for not being on top of things nor did he tell us what he intends to do better in the future.

Since the terrorists figure they won't go to Gitmo and will be represented by public defenders, if they live trough it, what's to stop them the next time(s.)

And on top of all that all the Democrats think we are stupid. One said today that they couldn't televise the negotiations on health care because of its complexity. Really?

And poor Government Motors, formerly known as GM. Now they're looking at putting the former CFO of Microsoft in as CEO. Anyone with silver in their hair should remember that the first time they got in trouble lo those many years ago was when they put Smith, the bean counter, in as CEO instead of an engineer who cared about the product. What's that old rule about remembering history or being doomed to repeat it?

I'm nervous. With the Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity, Citizens for Traditional Values and undoubtedly some I don't know about looking to control the conservative vote I'm afraid it will be split six ways from Sunday and the Dems will walk away with it again.

Reminds me-Ritter from Colorado was the beneficiary of the Stryker money pot. Wonder what kind of effect that might have on the Michigan relationship?

It's time for a nap--
God bless..........


Anonymous said...

Mr. Leiter, the czar on terrorism, decided to go on a ski vacation a day after the plane was nearly blown up over Detroit. It looked too much like he just didn't understand the importance of what happened. Of course, Obama didn't fly back from Hawaii where he was on vacation. Neither took responsibility seriously. Actually Obama never did take terrorism seriously. This is our problem.

Anonymous said...

Unemployment went up 4,000 in November and Obama said we are headed for recovery. This time it went down 85,000 and he said recovery doesn't go in a straight line. How many lines does that man have?