Saturday, January 23, 2010

Unions-Once Necessary, but Now?

Just a short commentary on the news blurb I heard early this morning about Andy Dillon checking to see whether the union's rights are being trampled on in that they have the Constitutional right to bargain collectively. With the State of Michigan asking all unionized employees to take a 5% across the board pay cut Andy is not sure we can do that.

Well, really!

If they refuse, what do you say we just fire their behinds? Everyone is sacrificing something these days and if they have a job they should be very happy.

If it's not in their "contract" to lay off or terminate according to seniority, let them decide if they want to have a lottery or whatever their little hearts desire to make the determination.

Unions have been yanking Michigan around for a lot longer than I care to remember. It's time they face some of the facts that the rest of us are facing.

I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but there are too many people walking through the line at the church's and other organizations' Food Pantry assistance centers to make me feel too bad about a temporary pay cut.

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Anonymous said...

Let's avoid buying a car or anythingg else made in a union shop.