Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What is a "Director of Sustainability?"

Jackson Community College has a new department. A fellow from the East who has a Business Degree but didn't find it fulfilling decided to get a Master's in Sustainability Systems from the University of Michigan and is the new head of a department in the local college.

Before I read the entire article I stopped and asked Pete if he'd ever heard of such a thing and of course the answer was "No," so we tried to figure it out. Maybe sustaining fixcal responsibility (Business being the clue) or perhaps sustaining and/or increasing the graduation rate? Perhaps sustaining relationships with area business and manufacturing systems? Sustaining scholarship programs? Nothing really popped out at us so I continued reading and guess what....

If I were naming the course of study I would have called it "Environmental Studies" but what do I know? It does, however, have to do with doing what's good for the environment and how the student can learn to live in positive ways to achieve the future which will benefit all in all ways.

Just thought you'd like to know in case you ever see the word or phrase.

God bless...........

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