Sunday, January 31, 2010

Age Old Question: Is it Being Paranoid if they're Really Out to Get You?

How is it that a 35% increase in EPA spending before the freeze thereby freezing in a huge increase is OK? Do they really think we are that stupid? Or are they really just plain crooks? And without any increase at all either before or after a freeze it doesn't matter because the rules they put in place or going to cost us a whole ton of money....

The number that came out today indicates way over a $trillion deficit this year. They say with a straight face that it will be going down after that. When has any spending ever gone down except when the Republican Congress during the Clinton years forced the issue?

Jenny is going to lay the State of the State on us this week. Good grief!

Get a good night's sleep. Rough road ahead.
God bless............

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Bruce said...

Yes! The Democrat leadership does believe that the vast majority of Americans but especially the Democrat constituency is THAT STUPID!! All of us must keep in mind that the Department Of Education has been educating "the children" for all these past years now and that the Department Of Education has done an admirable job from the Democrat perspective.
After the EPA ruling on CO2 recently that stated that the EPA could regulate DO2 I suggested that the House Of Representatives and Senate should defund the EPA but instead they have given them a 35% increase in funding? Sounds like there is going to be a "Whole lot of Regulatin' going on!"
Department of Labor is hiring 350 more investigators, "Whole lot of Investigatin' going on there!" too.
Hiring at the Federal Government is up dramaticly last year and this year! That is all we need.