Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Racism? Rare Metals? Health Care Bill?

Take your pick--there's always something going on in these areas which we have discussed before.

Racism: African Americans just can't deal with the fact that it's Obama's politics, not his color, that has conservatives going nuts. The "Crisis" magazine (mouthpiece of the NAACP) has an article in the fall issue going on and on about the Right Wing's racial politics. If they could only stop whining long enough to realize that is the least of their worries they might be able to move forward and the children could find something and someone to learn from.

Remember when we posted info on the rare metals and their political implications relative to location and price? It seems that rhodium which is used in catalytic converters but is not traded on the big boards, etc. with pricing between the user and the producer is being used as a bellwether concerning an automobile economy predictor. It's going for over $2,000 per troy ounce.

The deal cut with Ben Nelson on Medicaid has more Attorneys General jumping on the bandwagon filing suit accusing the players of dealing which should be considered unconstitutional. I hear even California and New York which usually play that game themselves are calling the bill "unfair."

Last, how about the fact that by having to go for the "big one" and trying something new as far as the nuclear proliferation issue is concerned, Obama may be having to eat one of his feet. He could have just signed the expiring Start-Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty without fanfare, but didn't. Now he has to deal with allies such as Japan questioning our ability to protect them in case of trouble.

On top of that, Russia may not even be the biggest threat. Shouldn't we be more concerned with N. Korea and Iran? And an even bigger "IF" would be China's entrance into the fray. No, haven't heard anything yet, but wouldn't be surprised.

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Anonymous said...

Your "so be it" position on Obamacare omits major considerations.
1. There is corruption trying to pass it. Add secrecy.
2. Do you know what is in this bill?
3. There are too many failures in government programs.
4. Americans deserve more than a positiion that says pass a flawed program and fix it later.
5. There are 90 million Americans who have their own insurance. They face losing their private plans if this is passed.
6. How much did you say you would sacrifice?
7. This is confiscation of private property.
8. This in an invasion of private rights.
9. Your column is out order in mixing politics with a page devoted to religion.
10. What is your religious concern about abortion?
11. This certainly is not the only plan. McCain had one in his campaign and Romney before him.
12. What is your political position?
13. Nebraska's democratic senator said we should have waited.
14. It's a financial disaster.
15. It is goiverenment out of control
16. It is a single party progam.
17. It lacks majority support of the public.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Peterson,
Please ignore previous comment I mistakenly sent to youregarding my objections to Obama care. The comments were intended for Pat Robertson, religion columnist, and not to you. Sorry, won't happen again.