Monday, January 4, 2010

Winners/Losers Polling Data

It sure depends on your definition of winning, doesn't it?

When over 70% of the public see both Michelle and Hillary as winners.

This has to be based on laughing all the way to the bank in Michelle's case. You remember, the lady who had never been proud of our country until her husband captured the nomination? Wonder what she has to be proud of now? Oh, oh, yes. Her own popularity is much higher than her husband's. She has a staff of 26 at millions of dollars and is now a trend setter. What more could you want? We could write a book on it.

And poor Hillary. It must be in the eye of the beholder. It seems they let her out of her cage if they can't find someone else to speak on State Department stuff or foreign policy. As they say, it's lonely at the top.

I have no clue whether CBS' Sunday Morning Show stands in the ratings but heard a lady with a British accent tell us that we are so lucky to now have a "certified" intellectual as President. Thanks but no thanks. I'd rather have my President have and use just a bit of common sense. Except for his paid shills it's tough to find someone who legitimately believes he is honest and cares at all about this country. Even Michelle must be hard pressed to be proud.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the silver lining in this cloud will be that Joe and Mary Mainstreet will have had just as much as they can take and will take an active part in the next election. We need to get down to business and get serious about getting the best candidates for office we can find and work to get them elected and take our country back--from the top to the bottom.

Work hard, pray hard.
God bless........

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