Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Apologies from Me to You

No post tonight. My Facebook account was hijacked today and Windows keeps trying to sell me spyware even though McAfee has it under control. That is why I avoid Microsoft like the plague, but somehow they have the ability to pop up and make me log in and out every ten minutes. Will work on it tomorrow. I'm sick of it.

God bless and don't ever open up anything from anyone you're not sure of as a source.

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Anonymous said...

Well here is a topic. Our state senator, when he was in the house, opposed Sec. Land's cost conscious, fiscally responsible plan to consolidate secretary of state offices.

The Mackinac Center just published an article. --

So that means Nofs sided with that grandstanding congressman we have now in Mark Schauer.

And, to continue to vent, I just read that Scott Brown, our latest example of "conservative" success, is pro choice and one of the most liberal republicans in one of the most liberal state legislatures. If these are the victories we are going to celebrate, count me out.