Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Acts of_________

Kindness-per last night's posting on compassion I was reminded that we are presently in the throes of the kind of activity we are known for best: helping others in times of need. The Haiti situation is garnering much attention and many dollars and what might be called in-kind contributions via the woman and man hours sent by all kinds of organizations, government and military from our country.

Common sense-the first place the Cadillac tax on health care plans should be levied is on the Congress and a good share of the government work force (courtesy of the man of the house.)

Hypocrisy-The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee is going to war against the Supreme Court's decision to allow corporations to practice what the unions have been so good at for a long, long time. No problem agreeing that unions are made up of people, but what do they think corporations are composed of? Every stockholder is a person or made up of many, many people acting in concert. They are planning to "call out" the Republicans who like the decision. Really?

Embarrassment-Liberal Democrats keep telling us that we should be concerned with what the world thinks of us. I can't help wondering if they are thinking we are lowering ourselves to the likes of Venezuela, Haiti or any other government where bribery and corruption are the methods of governing. In the olden days they may not have liked us much, but they respected us for our strength, the protection we provide for weaker countries, foreign aid even if they wasted it, our dependence on the law as our basic rule of governing. Now they are probably thinking that our leaders are just like any other where nefarious services are sold to the highest bidder. Sorta reminds us, and maybe them, of the Mafia or the Chicago mobs.

Dismay-watching the White House in denial flailing at ideas to float before the State of the Union address tomorrow to see if any get a positive reaction. My take? I'll think The Man is serious if he announces the grounding of Air Force I
so he can stay home and get down to business instead of acting like the Tourist in Chief.

Bottom line: Hope is one of the "top three" that keep us going and we need a lot of it these days. Talk about Faith, Hope and Love is usually followed by "and the greatest of these is love" but I gotta tell you, without hope in the future of our country these days we'd have a tough time working out the love angle.

God bless...........

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