Saturday, January 30, 2010

FDR Resemblance?

Random Thoughts:

Does anyone else get the vibes that Obama studied old photos of FDR to get his tilt of the head just right so he can look "patrician" or as I see it, arrogant?

While the President takes his little ego trips does anyone else ever wonder how many more citizens will be hurt financially while he ignores the issues to make political points?

Now we're going to pay the Taliban $500 million to stop fighting with Al Quaida? If that money is funneled through the UN what are the odds that it will shrink appreciably through corruption and fraud? I'm thinking 100-1.

And even if they agree to stop fighting, if they do see any cash, what will be the end result? Odds about 100-1 again that nothing will really change?

If anyone ever says to us that "there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans and there's no reason to vote" we certainly have evidence to the contrary with the past year's activity in Washington---

Hindsight is always 20/20, but it sure would have been nice if we had zeroed in on the jobs problem before Mr. Obama decided he would rather be a successful one term President rather than a mediocre two termer. Again, how many people were hurt who may not have been had the priorities been changed.

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Anonymous said...

Any effort by the Taliban to negotiate for big bucks to quit fighting is obviously a ploy to get our troops to relax long enough for the Taliban to rebuild their ranks.