Thursday, January 28, 2010

Remember Joe Wilson?

He was criticized for being disrespectful of the President by calling him a liar (which was true.) Wonder why the Democrats don't think it was disrespectful and discourteous when the President called out the Supreme Court? And he was wrong! Thought he was a Constitutional lawyer. Oh, well......

Just thank God you don't live in Oregon and need a job. After the unions succeeded in passing the increase in income tax which will hurt those who provide jobs these folks will just have to leave the state or line up for Medicaid and hope for more unemployment. Our dear old Michigan's public payroll indicates public employees earn 17% more than private sector employees for comparable work. In Oregon it's 30% and what do you suppose they will do when businesses and upper income types leave?
They used to have a slogan, please visit, but don't come here to live. Now they can just sit and admire their scenery and wildlife with nothing else to do.

So the President sarcastically says if anyone has a better idea than his, just bring it to him with that supercilious grin and arrogant tilt of his head. Even Olympia Snow said she advanced some ideas--each of which were not even recognized. Fat chance to get anything through on a bipartisan vote.

Not to worry, if it won't pass the legislature he'll take care of things with Executive Orders. Reminds me of the first few weeks of his administration when the mantra was "We won! Deal with it!"

He talked about trust and credibility. He should look in the mirror. He has almost single-handedly destroyed both, but he blames the Washington climate.

Last but not least, Leonard Pitts is at it again. He is calling Christianity a "cheap faith." Then says ".....the only kind of faith that matters is a life lived in the service of others." So, does he consider that for each kindness given someone has to receive it? So all those who receive are living failures?"

How did we ever get to this celebrity status thing where everyone has to have his or her fifteen minutes of fame and if you get more than that you're a better person and should be admired. Don't think so.....

God bless..............


Bruce said...

I sent the following, or similar to Levin, Stabenow and Schauer a few weeks ago. Stabenow sent back something about the census. Levin sent something back about the Senate Plan and I don't think I have heard from Congressman Schauer.

Health Care Takeover!
Levin, Stabenow, Schauer and Obama want to entrust our healthcare to Washington bureaucrats!
Let's do this instead:
Get the fraud out of Medicare and save +- $80 Billion in healthcare costs.
Get the fraud out of Medicaid and save +- $100 Billion in healthcare costs.
Send the illegal immigrants home and save +-$11 Billion in healthcare costs.
Get illegal drugs out of the U.S. and save +- $40 Billion in healthcare costs.
Limit medical malpractice lawsuits and save +- $92 Billion in healthcare costs.
Total saved +- $323 Billion each year.
This savings totals +- $1077 a year for each American (man, woman, child).
A Family of 4 would save +- $4307 a year in health care cost plus the savings in taxes dedicated to Medicare and Medicaid each year per Medicare/Medicaid recipient.
This is savings I can believe in without having to depend on Schauer, Levin, Stabenow and Obama for our healthcare. Just what are these Democrats trying to do to us anyway?

Bruce Barlond
Dimondale, MI

Anonymous said...

I don't know what was accomplished by Obama attending the Republican retreat. In the first place he was out of place by speaking front and center. It should have been more like a roundtable discussion with no one having rank. Also he failed to unclench his fist and he is as arrogant as ever.