Monday, January 11, 2010

Read a Book, Write a Book

Given the choice, I would rather read than write. It took me 3 1/2 months to write a 107 page volume--hesitate to call it that. Very slim, indeed. And it consumed time when not actually writing so it was all encompassing. If I've said this before, just ignore it, but if you are young enough to be one of my kids, start bugging your parents to start writing for you. And if you're closer to my age, start doing it for your kids. You will find it rewarding no matter your age. It took so much of my time that although I wouldn't call it an obsession, it was close to it.

Now that I'm finished I should have a lot of time on my hands, but it's like anything else, time to catch up on all the things left undone while zeroing in on a special project.

Such as Lincoln Day coming up in February. Cong. Mike Rogers is doing a Meet and Greet with our 300 Club first and then speaking at the event. We're all excited to have him visit since he has gotten a lot of recognition during the health care debates. The 7th District is hopeful that we will be able to elect a Republican who can represent us as well as Mike does his district.

If you live anywhere close to Jackson, please join us Feb. 18th for the event. You can go to the Jackson website (link on the sidebar) for more information and to order tickets.

My dad always used to say there was a January thaw as well as one in February. I hope that Wednesday and Thursday of this week with the forecast just a couple degrees above freezing isn't the extent of it.

Stay warm--
God bless........

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